New Moms: How to Be the Best Mother You Can Be

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You’re getting ready to introduce a bundle of joy into your life. This moment can be very exciting, scary and perplexing to say the least. Many new moms are worried about many things during the beginning of their journey into parenthood. They may fear of harming their infant, not being knowledgeable enough and making horrible mistakes. This is natural and in most cases, new moms do an excellent job. For some, the maternal instinct kicks right in. If you’re getting ready to have a baby, you can use the following tips to prepare yourself to be the best mother you can be.

Don’t Over-Stress

There will be a lot of times where you feel overwhelmed by your infant, but don’t let it get the better of you. You need to de-stress every chance you get and sleep as much as you can. Your baby needs you to be energetic and calm. He’s new to the world and is already trying to adjust. Give him a mom that is well-adjusted and nurturing and he will be just fine. If you’re nursing, this is even more important, since stress hormones can be released from your breast milk and into your baby.

Create a Routine

During the first few months after your baby is born, it will be spent trying to figure each other out. You’ll quickly learn what different cries mean and at what times she tends to wake up and fall asleep. Build a schedule around your baby to help … Read More